Mongdies - Atocream  200ml

Mongdies - Atocream 200ml


Deep moisturization effect of intensive moisturization and high level of nutrients on dry skin
  • With thicker moisturization power than lotion, it cares rough skin intensively. It also prevents dryness and retain moist skin for long time. Provide energy to skin! Uses vegetable fermented extracts
  • By using enzyme fermented filtrated, Chaga mushroom extracts, it provides plentiful nutrients on skin and enhance skin texture to be smooth. Uses of hypoallergenic vegetable ingredients for all ages
  • Uses of hypoallergenic and soft vegetable ingredients and high moisturization cream on dry and rough skin to enhance its skin barrier and provides deep moisturization feeling. Refreshingly absorption! Intensive moisturization with soft use feeling
  • With moist and soft application feeling, it is absorbed on skin with non-stickiness. It is good to apply small amount on dry skin frequently.

How to use

  1. Take out appropriate amount on palm after wash or bath. Apply evenly followed by skin texture.
  2. Gently tap to make the product absorbed deeply