Beyond farm Phytoganic farmcial Foam 200ml

Beyond farm Phytoganic farmcial Foam 200ml

Beyond farm Phytoganic farmcial Foam 200ml

This facial foam contains certified organic ingredients and no additives and keeps skin soft and moisturized.

14 eco-friendly grown organic herbs including green tea, chamomile, lavender and rosemary in this facial foam go on softly without leaving a sticky feeling and keep the skin moisturized and soft.

This facial foam boasts a fresh feeling, rich and dense lather which cleanses away wastes, and herb and mugwort scent which relaxes the mind and body. 

Skin Type
- All skin types

How to use
Massage buried after an appropriate amount on hand enough foam to embellish as smooth flush and rinse thoroughly

Purified water, green tea extract *, Lau Rick acid, disodium coco cancer Podium acetate, pre-Stick acid, potassium hydroxide, COCA polyimide methyl M. yieyi, glycerin, potassium chloride, olive oil, meadowfoam seed oil, Unscented geranium oil * , lavender oil *, rosemary leaf oil *, wormwood extract, lavender flower extract *, Basil flower / leaf extract *, marshmallow root extract *, Houttuynia cordata extract *, Chamomile flower extract *, rosemary leaf extract *, fennel extract *, an apple , magnolia bark extract, propolis extract, for me one hundred kinds of extracts, wanggyul extract, chamomile flower / leaf extract, white willow bark extract, tocopheryl acetate, methyl glue recess 20, propanediol, Butylene glycol, caprylic rilgeul Rai Cole, D-panthenol, tetrasodium this is dt, spices * organically grown ingredients

Beyond farm Phytoganic farmcial Foam