Cre8Skin - Salmon Oil Cream 80g

Cre8Skin - Salmon Oil Cream 80g

Salmon Oil Cream

A cream containing vitamins A, D and E, which are found in Alaskan salmon and caviar, and moisturized and unsaturated fatty acid makes your skin shining and have natural protective ability.

Containing extracts from natural plants (kelp), this product is helpful to soften your skin texture and makes dark and dull skin become bright and lively.
- All in one care for wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin tone, extreme dryness and skin texture Rich nutrition of this product enhances skin tightening, fights against skin aging, supplies nutrition to tired and aged skin and make your face look healthy and young.
- Rich and high quality cream
- Nutritious and concentrated texture of this product affect the skin fast, fill skin curve tightly immediately after applying it, are helpful for fighting against wrinkles and fives much improved skin texture and skin elasticity.

How to use
Spread it evenly on the entire face at the final stage of skin moisturizing and tap it softly until it is bsorbed into your skin