Dr.G - Brightening Peeling Gel 120ml

Dr.G - Brightening Peeling Gel 120ml

Brightening Peeling Gel

Formulated with natural cellulose and skin-loving ingredients, it gently removes dead, flaky skin, while nourishing skin with moisture locking ingredients such as Hollyhock and Trehalose.

it is great for sensitive skin types with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Honey Extract and Hollyhock.

Provides a smooth, silky finish by gently exfoliating dead, flaky skin cells without irritation: Includes natural cellulose, containing rich moisture, to eliminate dull, dead skin cells resulting in smooth, soft skin.

Skin brightening benefits: Vitamin C and E provide brightening benefits; Black Willow clarifies skin, resulting in a clean and bright skin tone.

Moisturized and clear skin: Low-stimulation natural peeling (exfoliating) results in clear, calmed skin with hydration benefits delivered by Honey, Trehalose and Hollyhock.

How to use
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount (a little larger than a quarter) and apply over the entire face, carefully avoiding the eye and lips. Gently massage using clean finger tips for 1-2 minutes then thoroughly rinse off. Gently pat dry and then apply toner/softener/first essence.