Etude House - One Sheet Solution Swab & Mask Set _Moisturizing  x 5paket

Etude House - One Sheet Solution Swab & Mask Set _Moisturizing x 5paket


one sheet solution swab & mask set _moisturizing

Tight moist without. 3-step kit moisturizing close

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use
STEP1. Take the king swab ripaen Eye Remover The cleansing gently, being careful not to let your eyes or mouth. STEP2. Relieving moderate the king swab ripaen Eye Gel -to -foam cleanser with moisture -free state without any washing after using the remover on the palm face full to soften and spread. Adding water and makes clear the base while rolling up his face lightly. This occurs in white foam and rinse clean with lukewarm water.After using cleanser, you do not need to use separate cleansing foam. STEP3. Remove the mulgwang Attach the mask to fit the shape of the face. 10 - Remove the seat after taking a relaxing break for 20 minutes, pat the hand makes the remaining contents on the skin gently soak into the skin.


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