Hera - Uv Mist Cushion Cover 15g x 2
Hera - Uv Mist Cushion Cover Set

Hera - Uv Mist Cushion Cover Set


A cushion foundation with ultra-light formula, which feels fresh and light as a skincare product, that brightens up and enhances the skin tone for a translucent complexion.

Bu cushion setinde: 1 ad cushion muhafaza kabı + 1 ad puf + 2 ad cushion içi bulunmaktadır.

A radiant and plump complexion filled with moisture from within
Mineral Clay Water EX, fortified with high-molecular moisturizing ingredients, helps retain moisture in the skin to give a healthy, hydrated skin. Hypertonic Radianceª technology brings out moisture to the skin's surface to create a plump skin with a dewy glow.

Enhanced antioxidant effect protects the skin against external irritants
Antioxidants in Smart Vector UV Complex are released when exposed to sunlight.to form a protective barrier on the skin's surface to protect it against external irritants.

An ultra-fine, lightweight formula that seamlessly glides onto the skin.
Ultrafine Dispersion technology creates a lightweight foundation formula for a seamless and natural-looking coverage. Light Touch Powder, formulated with skin-friendly amino acid, allows a fresh, natural, and translucent coverage.

15g x 2 Day/Night Whitening UV Protection Anti-wrinkle

Skin Type
- All skin types

How to use
Use at the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine (it works as a sunblock, makeup base and foundation). Using the puff applicator, press down on the cushion sponge to get the foundation on the puff. Gently dab across the face. Touch-up Using the puff applicator, press down gently on the cushion sponge to control and get a small amount of foundation. Lightly dab across the face, focusing on the areas of concern.


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Hera - Uv Mist Cushion Cover Set

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