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Innisfree - Mineral Glow Fixer 120ml

Innisfree - Mineral Glow Fixer 120ml

A makeup fixer with Jeju natural mineral ingredients that adds a healthy glow to your skin and enhances the endurance of makeup.

A moisture-rich, radiant skin
Shiny coating that gives a moist luster, light fitting and long-lasting effect

Enhanced endurance of makeup
Spray around the face after applying makeup or frequently to make your makeup stay intact for long.

Jeju natural mineral and green tea
Fine and clear Jeju natural minerals and green tea keep your skin moisturized and comfortable even after applying makeup.

Skin Type
- All skin types

How to use
Before and after makeup, spray the mist around your face with closed eyes and let it be absorbed.

Innisfree - Mineral Glow Fixer