IOPE - Bio Essence Mask 9ml

IOPE - Bio Essence Mask 9ml

IOPE - Bio Essence Mask 9ml

The Bio-redox™ compounds optimally prime the daily changing skin condition.

The bio-cellulose mask provides the advantages of the sheet masks and gel-type mask, with its effective moisturizing power and strong adhesiveness.
The mini facial mask are to be adhered onto both cheeks and may be used conveniently anywhere, at home, work, or inside an airplane.
Bio-cellulose mask, which contains Bio-redox™ compounds, primes skin condition to an optimal state

Skin Type
- All skin types

Tips for the best use of Bio Essence Mask
Before wearing a mask, soak cotton pads with Bio Essence and pat your face with the pads to moisturize skin.
After wearing the mask on both cheeks, place two cotton pads inside the mask package to soak them with the remaining essence solution.
Place one soaked cotton pad onto your forehead and use the other to pat your chin, cheeks and neck.

Skin cooling tips for the summer

Keep Bio Essence Masks refrigerated before use.
Cool mask sheets will not only instantly calm irritated and sensitive skin, but also tigthen pores and control sebum.

1. Separate two mini mask sheets.

*Bio-cellulose sheets are packaged in between two web-like nets



2. Remove the web-like net from one side of the mask.

3. Adhere the mask onto one cheek.

4. Remove the web-like net on the other side.

5. Apply the remaining mask onto the other cheek in the same manner

6. Remove the mask after about 15 minutes. Pat dry until all residues are absorbed.