IOPE - Bio Eyecream Youth Complete 25ml

IOPE - Bio Eyecream Youth Complete 25ml

IOPE - Bio Eyecream Youth Complete 25ml

Provides moisture and increases elasticity for the sensitive eye area. Improves on wrinkles on the eye area.

  • Intensive care for skin’s natural vitality and firmness - the key to caring for the skin around the eyes
    Bio Youth Complete Active™ is optimized to treat multiple signs of aging around your eyes as it helps your eyes look brighter and more youthful.
  • Bio-Cube Cell™, specifically designed for the skin around the eyes
    Its smooth, fast-absorbing texture works steadily on the sensitive skin around the eyes, with an effect that lasts over time
  • Real anti-aging eye treatment for a more youthful look
    It treats the visible signs of aging around the eyes including eyelids and under the eyes that makes you appear older and more tired than you really are. It helps create a more youthful look from any angle

How to use
Pat lightly along the eye area with fourth finger.

  1. Use in the morning and night after applying essence.
  2. Pump the product 1~2 times and divide it onto two ring fingers.
  3. Apply on skin around the eyes, under the eyes, and eyelids in dots, gently spreading in a tapping motion.

STEP 1. Dot
pump BIO EYE CREAM YOUTH COMPLETE once on the back of your hands and dot three points under both eyes and eyelids

STEP 2. Apply
use your ring fingers to blend or lightly dab to help the skin absorb                     

STEP 3. Press
gently press three points along the eyebrows, on the innermost corner of the eyes, the center under the eyes and temples for 3 seconds each using your middle finger