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IOPE - CC Cream 35ml
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IOPE - CC Cream 35ml

IOPE - CC Cream SPF35 / PA++ 35ml

Bio-redox™ compounds in CC Cream deliver clearer and smoother skin

Contains key Bio Essence compounds
CC Cream contains "Bio-redox™ compounds," which are key components of IOPE Bio Essence.

Improves skin radiance, texture and tone
The three-step conditioning program improves “skin radiance, texture and tone,” for a perfect complexion.
[Radiance] The Bio-Redox compounds boost skin’s original brightness.
[Texture] The specially designed dual-layering formula smoothens skin texture and completely hydrates skin.
[Tone] Unlike conventional base makeup products, IOPE CC Cream is light in texture and optimizes clearer and skin tone.

For clearer and smoother skin
91% of women who tried IOPE CC Cream experienced clearer and smoother skin.
* Market research agency: Embrain Company / Participants: 60 adult women, of ages between 25 and 34 / Research period: April 10-15, 2013 / The top 6 scores were regarded as affirmative on a 1-9 points scale rating after five days of use.

Skin Type
- All skin types

How to use

  1. At the last stage of basic skincare, pump a quarter-size amount and apply onto face from the center to the sides according to the skin texture.
  2. Additionally apply on parts with visible blemishes and pat dry.
  3. Wrap face with warm hands and gently press.

Usage order : Sunscreen > CC Cream > BB Cream > Air Cushion®

IOPE - CC Cream