Julia - Riace Mung Bean Purifying Cleansing Foam 170g

Julia - Riace Mung Bean Purifying Cleansing Foam 170g

RiACE Mung bean Purifying cleansing foam

Natural mung bean ingredients make healthy skin care

The soft and rich cleansing foam of natural mild cleansing element removes waste matters and makeup in pores without damaging natural moisturizing elements in the skin and moisturizes the skin.

The cleansing effect of mung bean extract refines contaminated skin clean and comfortable, takes care of remaining sebum, and maintains healthy skin free of skin troubles.

Willow tree extract, which accelerates skin turnover, takes care of old keratin in the skin and makes the skin transparent and smooth.

How to use
After wetting the face and the hands with water, take an adequate quantity of the product and make foam sufficiently. Rub the face gently as if doing massage and wash clean with warm water.