Laneige - Mini Pore Water Clay Mask 70ml

Laneige - Mini Pore Water Clay Mask 70ml

Mini Pore Water Clay Mask

Quick-drying clay gel mask made of mineral mud from the Yellow Sea; absorbs excess sebum and cleans the pores

Clay gel mask made from natural mineral-rich mud collected from the Yellow Sea, acting as a quick-drying, powerful sebum-absorbing agent

  • Powerful sebum-absorbing properties of natural mineral mud
  • Contains 1400mg of natural Yellow Sea mineral mud
  • Moisturizing gel-base formula that’s easy to apply and quick to dry
  • A new clay formula that lets you see the condition of your monster pores

Keep your monster pores under control with Laneige's original pore solution, Mini Pore
If your skin is often shiny, the excessive oil and moisture dry out on the surface of your skin and stretch the pores further. Pores that stand out need special care!

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use

  • Refine skin with toner after cleansing the face. Apply a layer over the face except the sensitive skin around the eyes and mouth.
  • Allow the formula to dry completely. When the pores become apparent on the dry surface (about eight minutes later),
  • rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use the enclosed sponge to remove the residue.

Special care

  • Open the pores with a steamed towel after cleansing the face.
  • Apply a layer over the face excluding the sensitive skin around the mouth and eyes.
  • When the pores become visible on the surface of the mask, use Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil to melt off the mask.
  • You will notice that the sebum has mixed into the clay mask, and that your pores are squeaky clean!

Laneige Mineral Mud Comes From The Only Island Mud Flat Designated By Unesco And Known For Its Pristine, Untouched Natural Environment. The Natural Mud Consists Of Fine Particles With A Large Surface Area That Enables It To Pick Up Sebum. It Is Also Rich In Minerals That Come From The Mud Flat And Which Are Beneficial To Skin.