Mamonde - Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam 175ml

Mamonde - Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam 175ml

Lotus Micro Cleansing Foam

A moisturizing brightening cleansing foam that washes away super-micro dust (PM 2.5) and captures the skin hydrating factors to leave your skin healthy and bright.

The Lotus AntiPM ComplexTM works on the supermicro level for the skin that has been dulled by various invisible impurities to leave your skin bright and clean with simple cleansing.

The rich and dense foam leaves the helpful moisture barrier intact after cleansing to use comfortably both in the morning and in the evening without tightness.

Skin type
- Dry skin

How to use
Release an appropriate amount and work up into a rich lather to gently massage and rub onto the face and rinse thoroughly with water.


Fine Dust, Particulates Cleansing, Brightening Cleansing, Cleansing, Dry To Moist Cleansing