Mamonde - Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream 50ml

Mamonde - Moisture Ceramide Intense Cream 50ml

Moisture Ceramide Intense cream

A hibiscus cream for a hydrating barrier that builds a firm skin barrier.

Flawless hydrationThe original ceramide formula that is similar to the formula and structure of skin barriers forms a flawless hydrating barrier on dry skin. Solid hydrating barrier. The hydrating barrier refines the flaking dead skin cells and rough skin texture for hydration and beautiful makeup without caking.

How to use
Release an appropriate amount and apply smoothly from the center of face as a regular cream every morning and evening.

Water (Aqua), Butylene glycol, hexamethylene seven in no-cetyl maleate, hydro jeneyi poly lactide (C6-14 olefins), dimethicone, glycerin, penta ritil Ellis hit a tetra-hexanoate, behenyl alcohol, hydroxypropyl service palmitate Tama Eid M. yieyi, C14-22 alcohol, hydroxypropyl bis Laura M. yieyi polyimide, stearic acid, Hibiscus bark extract, adenosine, C12-20 alkyl glucosides, cholesterol palmitate tic acid, glyceryl rilka frill rate, arachidyl glucoside, arachidyl alcohol, polyisobutene, xanthan gum, tromethamine, polysorbate 20, polyacrylate -13, disodium this is dt, spices

Moisture, Moisture Barrier, The Rose Of Sharon, Ceramide