Mamonde - Real Skin Founder Spf33 Pa+++ 13g
Mamonde - Real Skin Founder Spf33 Pa+++ 13g
Mamonde - Real Skin Founder Spf33 Pa+++ 13g

Mamonde - Real Skin Founder Spf33 Pa+++ 13g


Real Skin Founder SPF33 PA+++

Advanced base makeup that collects foundation and powder effect into one.

Foundation that covers thinly and moisturising, powder that remains brightness after maximising fitting feeling. Makes rough skin to be flexible and creates energetic and bright skin. Offers vitality instantly to create high class of illumination.

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use
1. Put a moderate amount to a puff lightly from side to side. 2. Pat lightly to maximize adhesiveness for smooth skin texture. 3. Reapply a small amount to noticeable areas with freckle, blemish and pores not to have border.

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