Mizon - Crystal Miracle Body Cream 200ml

Mizon - Crystal Miracle Body Cream 200ml



MIZON Crystal Miracle BODY Cream 200ml Whitening Brightening. Moisturizing Milky From Thailand.

Mizon Crystal Miracle Body Cream is a brightening cream to complete soft and milky skin.

  • Feel your visibly more brightened skin by everyday use.
  • The formula absorbs into skin immediately without no stickiness.
  • This body cream provides a premium skin moisturizing care and skin protection.
  • Keep baby milky skin!

Certified Skin Whitening Effect:

  • The formula containing niacinamide, gluthatione and white flower complex that controls melanin formation by involving several enzyme reactions that are one of the skin color determining factors and helps keep skin bright and clear.
  • The skin brightening cream type is used as day cream to give milky brightened skin!

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount on skin, spreading and dabbing for absorption.


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