Mizon - Magic Peeling Foot 40ml x 2ad

Mizon - Magic Peeling Foot 40ml


Mizon Magic Peeling Foot is an easy one step foot mask that creates baby soft and callus free feet, after one use!

It's a convenient peeling sheet that peels off the thickened and dead skin on your heels. Removing callus, dead skin cells, bodily waste at once. Extracts from 33 kinds of plants in the peeling solution and vegetable ingredients containing AHA make your feet smoother like, baby's feet. This foot mask is also highly moisturizing and leaves feet looking and feeling smooth. Natural ingredients give energy to your tired feet. Show off your feet by making them healthy and clean. - Benefits: Smoothens, Removes dead skin cells, Softens, Peels flakey skin, Moisturizes

How to use
Open the package and cut it according to the line indicated. Wear it like socks and after 60 ~ 90 minutes, wash it off thoroughly (it is single use only). Callus and dead skin cells will fall off in 2 weeks. You will find your foot smooth and clean after 2 weeks.


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