Mizon - Peptide Ampoule Cream 50ml

Mizon - Peptide Ampoule Cream 50ml



Mizon Peptide Ampoule Cream is a highly effective wrinkle improving cream with the use of peptides and other firming properties.

Highly concentrated peptide increases skin density and improves a dull skin tone while caring for wrinkles. Peptides stimulate and enhance collagen synthesis, which helps to plump and firm the outermost layer of skin. It will offset many signs of aging and keep skin looking baby smooth. Adenosine certified for wrinkle care improves skin elasticity, which cares for fine wrinkles and keeps skin firmed. Forms a protection film on skin damaged from outside harmful factors and chemical matters and keep skin moisturized and healthy. Plant skin soothing complex (cacao tree, orrisroot, and sweet almond seed extract) soothe skin effectively irritated from outside harmful factors. Artificial coloring, fragrance and praben-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin. Benefits: Firms, Plumps, Moisturizes, Increases Elasticity

How to use
At the last stage of skincare, apply an appropriate amount onto clean face.


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