Nature Republic - O2 Bubble Lotus Mask Sheet 28gr

Nature Republic - O2 Bubble Lotus Mask Sheet 28gr

O2 Bubble Lotus Mask Sheet

Wash-off bubble mask sheet generates fine oxygen bubbles that remove impurities from pores and makes the skin smooth.

Jeju Island Oxygen Water, Lotus Flower Extract, AHA Containing

  • Tidy up skin texture
  • Provides gentle skin care without draining after cleansing Bubble massage effect
  • A large amount of bubbles are generated in the moment of contact with air
  • It helps manage sebum, waste, keratin

Skin type
- All Skin

How to use
Before opening the pouch, rub the pouch well to evently miw the content.

  • After washing the face, evently attach the sheet on the dry face while aligning it with the location of the nose and mouth.
  • After 5-10 minutes when the bubbles are fully generated, removes the sheet.
  • Gently massage the skin with the remaining bubbles and wash off with lukewarm water.