Rire - Black Head Brush Cleanser 20ml

Rire - Black Head Brush Cleanser 20ml

black head brush cleanser

Outstanding cleaning effects for pores Even with small amounts of bubbles, you can enjoy a comfortable feeling of bubble massage.

- Get wet in the water without losing elasticity, and has an excellent effect on pore cleansing and massage.
- Approaches tightly on curved part, blackheads, t-zone,u-zone, etc..
- Natural origin ingredients absorbs sebum and impurities for pore care.
- The anthocyanins of black food gives resilient skin.
- Brush approaches skin tightly to every corner and the pores to remove impurities.
- Rapidly drying, can keep the product in a sanitary manner.

Skin type
- Oily skin types

How to use
Pump a suitable amount of this item on your face. Apply it softly like a massage then wash it out with a little warm water.

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