Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil 20ml

Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil 20ml

Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil

An age-defying face oil derived from ginseng seeds quickly penetrates to skin to provide moisture balance.

- Ginseng Seed Oil promotes skin's defense system
- Camellia Oil and antioxidants create a radiant and clear complexion
- Energizes tired skin

Ginseng seed oil relieves dry skin by providing deep moisture and protecting the skin
- Ginseng seed oil, a precious ingredient found in small doses in the seeds of a single type of ginseng harvested only once a year, boosts your skin’s resistance to damage and infuses even very dry skin with moisture, suppleness, and a smooth texture.
- -A powerful blend of Camellia oil and sesame seed oils creates a brighter, more radiant complexion
- The superior antioxidant properties of Camellia oil blended with essential oils pressed from sesame seeds strengthen the skin's defensive barrier and leave the skin glowing and translucent.

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use
Pump once and gently spread over face before Concentrated Ginseng Cream every morning and evening. In the morning, spread a small amount (0.5 pump) onto your palms in the last step of basic skincare regime and wrap your face with your palms for longer-lasting suppleness.

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