The Face Shop - The First Therapy Serum Starter Set

The Face Shop - The First Therapy Serum Starter Set

The Face Shop - The First Therapy Serum Starter Set (80ml+32ml+32ml+10ml)

The first-step anti-aging serum that contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils. Great value to try.

This set includes:

The Therapy First Serum (80ml)
Europe beauty theraphy research therapist essential oil know-how and France sea thalasso water contained first essence. Moisture natural essential oil purify with crystal particles and natural minerals rich thalasso water texture gives first skin care step instant absorption for moisture and dead skin care to treat skin condition

How to use: After cleansing, pump once or twice and apply to face, massaging into skin from the center of the face outwards. For extra benefits, use with The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pads. After cleansing your face, moisten a The Therapy Green Tea Cotton Pad with serum. Using the side coated with green tea powder, gently sweep over face from the center outward.

The Therapy Tonic Treatment (32ml)
This anti-aging treatment tones, boost and evens out rough and flaky skin. Toner and treatment essence in one product. Essential gel texture. Marche Handmade Anti-Aging Blending Formula

How to use: As the first step of the skincare routine, dispense a sufficient amount of the product onto a cotton pad and gently wip the face from middle outwards. Lightly pat the skin to absorb. Dispense an abundant amount onto a cotton pad and massage onto face for one minute or two for a quick mask pack effect.

The Therapy Emulsion (32ml)
This anti-aging emulsion leaves rough, uneven skin feeling supple and moisturized. Provides radiant and supple skin with a natural oil and moisture layer. The milk blending processing method provides moisture deep inside the skin. Marche Handmade Anti-Aging Blending Formula.

How to use: After using the essence, pump the appropriate amount and apply it along the skin’s texture until absorbed.

The Therapy Blending Cream (10ml)
This luxurious anti-aging, intense moisturising cream contains a blend of French Sea Water and natural Essential Oils.
- The cream packs many benefits, including anti-aging and anti-dryness effects and intense hydration.
- The reinvented blend-to-use formula consists of a moisturizing gel and an oil layer.
- The Fresh Hydro-Oil Carrier Method effectively delivers a balanced formula of water and oil.
- This unique cream has two layers: The top layer is formulated with lightweight essential oil, the bottom layer with intense moisturizing cream. Hand-blended ingredients are combined to create a luxurious cream that feels soft and gently melts into skin for intense hydration.

How to use: Apply the product onto your cheeks, chin and forehead in the morning and at night after using a serum. Use outward strokes to apply the product all over your face. Cover your face with both palms to help the product absorb.

[Mix the two layers just once before you use the cream for the first time.] Using the spatula provided, combine the two layers for 10 seconds using a circular motion. Blending the cream by hand instead of using a mechanical process results in a coarse mixture with a unique soft texture that intensely moisturizes and adds glow to skin.