The Saem - Snail Essential Ex 24K Gold Eye Cream Set 30ml

The Saem - Snail Essential Ex 24K Gold Eye Cream Set 30ml


The Saem Snail Essential 24K Gold Eye Cream Set is a Korean Skincare product which is the most modern way of treating your around eye area problems.

Its eye cream is rich in nutrition and provides elasticity and vitality to the eye area. EGF ingredients help to treat damaged skin and cocoon extract controls sign of aging and provides bright eye area. It has a natural ion amino acid ingredients and a modern ion massage synergy that gives a perfect special care. It is operated with (AAA) battery which cannot be provided on the package due to the customs issues.

How to use
Step 1: Remove the film on the of the massage device. Step 2: Hold the handle and place it on the skin and the device will automatically move. Step 3: After cleansing, gently apply and spread the eye cream around eyes. Step 4: Massage equipment and wrinkles around the eyes is used to be 90 degrees, which is the temporal direction to pull up while you massage. Note: The switch of the message is not on the ion massage machine and Holding the device in contact with the skin may not work for another.