Tony Moly - Black Master Homme Skin Care Set2 130ml+130ml+50ml

Tony Moly - Black Master Homme Skin Care Set2 130ml+130ml+50ml


Wrinkle improvement & whitening functional skin care skin that restores the strength and self-confidence of the original men's skin lost over time

Enchanting fragrance that simultaneously expresses the elegance of the middle-aged men and the modest luxury and serenity. Black Master Homme Skins -Aftershave Combination Skin with a cool texture that smoothes and resurfaces rough men's skin. -Ala has a rich sense of coolness and moisture that gives a sense of coolness to men's skin, shaving and tired skin Calm down Black Master Homme Lotion -Men's skin troubles, comprehensive and comprehensive treatment to cope with lotion -Exceptionally known as the food of black sea ginseng extract, black garlic and bokbunja extract containing a complex men's dandruff delicate approach to delicate And smooth skin. -It also contains a black olive extract to replenish the moisturising moisture of men's skin to worry about moisture loss.

Skin type
- Wrinkle, skin tone, etc.

How to use
Take an adequate amount of the product, gently apply to a face and neck area.