Tony Moly - Floria Whitening Emulsion 160ml

Tony Moly - Floria Whitening Emulsion 160ml

Floria Whitening Emulsion

Gives moisture on dull and roughs kin with moisture supply.

-Pearl Powder Enriched amino acid and Natural minerals : They help to reduce the appearance of dark spots, freckles to prolong resilient skin and be against skin aging.
- Evening primrose oil: It highly moisturizes skin and leaves skin soft and moisture with forming a protective layer on skin.
- White Flower Complex: A cosmetic complex from petals with concentrated witamin delivers potent antioxidant benefits. (Cherry blossoms, Rape blossom, Dandelion chrysanthemum, Pansy)
- Suitable for women in their 20~30s, for all skin type, for innediate shitening and moisturizing.
- Special whitening line includes patented ingredient, Kombucha, and water lily extract with antioxiant properties to bring back healthy, clear skin.

Skin type

How to use
Take an appropriate amount and gently apply from inside to outside along the skin texture.