Tony Moly - Geolution Shark`S Fin Collagen Toner 130ml

Tony Moly - Geolution Shark`S Fin Collagen Toner 130ml

Geolution Shark`s Fin Collagen Toner

A viscous nutrition toner that smoothes skin texture and balances oil content

- Premium boosting toner that delivers deep moisturizing and nutritional benefits of hexachlorophenol collagen for skin's elastic boost
- It is full of moisture and rich with essential components and textures, delivering rich nutrition to the skin, creating radiant skin
- Shark Lift ™ Tony Moly's elasticity enhancement product
- Three-dimensional volume feeling firmly coming out with a collagen of shark's fin
- J67Contains a marine complex of clean sea, high moisture and moisture retention UP!

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use
After cleansing, take an appropriate amount and apply lightly along the skin texture.

Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed Collagen (410 Ppm), Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid, Seawater, Chlorella Extract, Marine Coral Extract, Seaweed Extract, Marigold Extract, Gold