Tony Moly - Premium Rx Horseyu Cream  70g

Tony Moly - Premium Rx Horseyu Cream 70g

Premium RX Horseyu Cream

This vitalizing cream for damaged skin markes skin healthy-looking by creating a sebum film to protect from the harmful environments.

Premium RX Horseyu Cream Guerisson is a multi-functional moisturizing cream containing 20% pure horse oil from Jeju island that promises to:
- rejuvenate skin
- repair damaged skin
- strengthen skin barrier
- smooth and soften skin
- lighten hyper pigmentation, scars and dark spots
- reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
- improve elasticity
- deeply hydrate skin
- nourish skin
- improve blood circulation
- provides long lasting hydration for up to 72 hour No parabens , no benzophenone ,no alteration alcohol , no BHT, triclosan –free

Skin type
- All skin(damaged skin)

How to use
After cleansing face, scoop a dime-sized amount of cream onto fingers, gently massage onto desired areas and pat evenly until cream is fully absorbed.