Tony Moly - Timeless Ferment Snail Hand Cream 60ml

Tony Moly - Timeless Ferment Snail Hand Cream 60ml

Timeless Ferment Snail Hand Cream

Ferment snail hand cream with gold green tea for highly moisture and elasticity care.

Golden snail mucus fermentation filtrate provides rough hands moisture care.
- Hand cream with quick absoption giving rich moisture and nutrition.
- Your skin is exposed to frequent impact of various external factors.This hard water, and UV radiation, and household chemicals – all these and many other reasons lead to the fact that your skin becomes dry, listless, appear irritation and flaking, roughened and pigmented patches.
- For your skin to stay longer young, as well as to improve the condition of aging skin, it is recommended to use a restoring cream with snail extract.
- Snail slime extract
- a powerful anti-aging ingredient, contains vitamins and amino acids, collagen and elastin, allantoin, chitosan, and glycolic acid, which allows fairly quickly restore damaged skin.
- Snail mucin has a powerful renewing action at the cellular level, it promotes the synthesis of new connective tissue, moisturizes, protects against premature aging, smooths existing wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new, lightens pigmentation.Weak, flabby, dull skin is filled with healthy brightness are well-groomed hands look younger.
- Fermentation can not only maintain but also enhance the beneficial effect of snail extract. Through the natural process of treatment, the active ingredients of fermented snail extract quickly and deeply penetrate the skin and fully digested it.
- Hand cream with snail mucin improves skin tone, tightens her imbues moisture inside, smoothing and revitalizing.

Skin type
- All skin types

How to use
Apply gently on moisture care needed areas.

Golden Snail Mucus Fermentation Filtrate 10,000Ppm, Niacinamide ,Adenosine ,Lemon Peel Oil ,Bergamot Fruit Oil , Orange Peel Oil , Lime Oil , Eucalyptus Oil ,Cypress Extract , Aloe Vera Extract.