Tony Moly - Tony Lab Ac Control Toner 180ml

Tony Moly - Tony Lab Ac Control Toner 180ml

Tony Lab AC Control Toner

Sebum control soothing toner suits for a 'prone to acne' skin.

The toner relieves skin problems and controls excessive sebum production.
- The sebum controlling ingredient keeps skin fresh and matte looking for long hours by preventing the accumulation of impurities in pores.
- The patented ingredient Sciadopitys Verticillata Root Extract comforts and firms skin by effectively tightening pores.
- Fast permeating light toner for sensitive skin.
- Non comedogenic & Skin safety test completed.

Skin type
- Sensitive Skin

How to use
After washing your face, dispense an appropriate amount into your hands or a cotton pad, Spread it outward in a sweeping motion on your skin and massage gently with your palms.